Start Your Own Battery Regeneration

How does it work
Using a patented and lab-tested chemical solution we can bring back car and truck batteries

Treating the dead batteries with the PowerBatt solution you can bring them back to life and sell at 1/2 the price.

You will also be able to offer the best warranty in the industry - beating every national competitor
What we do for you

We provide all the necessary equipment, materials and training to get your business running
  • Equipment
    Advanced multi voltage chargers
    Remote control and monitoring software, hardware setup
    Measuring and test equipment
  • Materials
    We will provide chemicals necessary for the first batch
  • Training
    We will train you in all aspects of daily business operations
    Ongoing supprt
In order to have your successful business you will need
  • Location
    Minimum space requirement is approximately 2000sq/ft
    Many of our customers will expand from 2000sq/ft to 10000sq/ft within the first 18 months.
  • Customers
    Customer base includes: trucking companies, car dealerships, auto and equipment auctions, marinas, in addition to general public.
  • Experience
    We provide the battery reconditioning knowledge and training.
    You need general automotive business experience.
How much?
$45,000 all in.
Typical timeline
Business fully pays for itself within 60 days
First day of work
If your location is ready we can start work
Approporiate electrical plugs must be funcrioning and battery cores ready
Day 5
Day 5
First batch of 10 to 50 batteries are ready to sell
Initial setup and testing phase completed
By the day 5 you will have batteries ready to be sold
Day 14
Day 14
You are producing anywhere between 20-60 batteries per 24hr cycle
Each charger can handle 15-18 batteris
Depending on your setup and amount of active chatging stations you can produce anywhere between 15-60+ batteries per day
Day 60
Day 60
Selling 15 batteries/day @$50 on average = net profit $40,000
On average a reconditioned battery would sell for $40-$100 (depends on type).

Ie. Group 24 battery will sell for approximately $40

Ie. Group 31 battery will sell for approximately $100

All batteries will have 1 year replacement warranty
An old battery core or a $10 charge will be added to each transaction
How do I know it actually works?
We are official partners with PowerbattUSA
Effectiveness of PowerBatt solution was tested by national ISO 17025 certified lab EAI
ISO 17025 EAI Field Test Report

You will also see the proof first hand.
Contact us
Email us with your phone number for a prompt callback
13419 Fenway Blvd N STE 103, Hugo, MN
1299 st. Marys ave, Mississauga, ON
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